Jason (JFR) RIvers, Lead Vocals

Some of Jason’s earliest memories include singing on stage (aka: the coffee table) into the microphone (aka: vacuum handle) along to Steve Martin (King Tut), Led Zeppelin (Whole Lotta Love) and Beach Boys (I Get Around) 45’s. Later, while being raised on the mean streets of 80’s-era Monticello, MN, Jason’s early musical tastes are likely regarded as questionable by his Mötel Sixx band-mates. In a pop-heavy MTV age, Jason’s early faves included Huey Lewis & the News, Hall & Oates and other bands with ampersands in their names. 

A pivotal moment for Jason came in the 4th grade, when he was gifted a Mötley Crüe ~ Theatre of Pain cassette from his older brother (Thanks, Danno!), opening a new era of music fandom and chasing away his City Boy Blues forever. Alright, that’s not entirely true, either… Admittedly, Jason’s learning some of these songs for the first time, but he’s having one hell of a time performing them as part of Mötel Sixx!

Favorite Crue Song: Red Hot. The driving double-bass (or bass/floor-tom combo, right Mike?) in that tune is huge. You can't really be a Crüe tribute without playing Red Hot, can you?!? 

Favorite Crue song to play live: Although it's a cover, my current favorite Crüe song to perform is Anarchy in the U.K. So much raw energy and punk inspiration which drove those guys in the early days. (On top of that, I get to curse a bunch while performing this one - F#*!ing destroy!!!!) 

Favorite Performance of Motel Sixx: Our first show at Bunkers back in November 2015. Although I'm sure we sound a little more polished these days, we had great chemistry and energy that night and the crowd response was incredible! All the way back to the start of it all...