Jeff (Shaky) Sibell- Bass

Jeff has love for all kinds of music, but his true love belongs to Heavy Metal.  Some of his inspirations are really anyone that can play music and put a smile on a face is an inspiration.  Music is a gift and should be shared.  Playing with Motel Sixx has been an amazing journey and we are only getting started.  

Jeff is the only person in the band/world that likes Nickelback and will admit if you ask him, he enjoys coloring, macaroni art, and likes turtles.

Favorite Crue Song:  Hands down has to be Looks that Kill, First time I heard that song it blew my mind. 

Favorite Crue song to play live:  Primal Scream. 

Favorite Performance of Motel Sixx:  All of them, but our very first was the probably the most memorable for me.  We played at Bunkers 2015 in Mpls, the place was packed.