Mike Cooklin-Drums 

Mike grew up a farm boy in SW Minnesota listening to Country music and Casey Kasem’s Top 40. His first album purchase was the Beach Boys.  Then came Ozzy, Kiss & Def Leppard and so he got into Rock. He started playing drums in school band and got a drum set for Christmas when he was 13. In an attempt to learn certain songs he would try to record them off of the local radio stations then play them back on the boom box.  After graduating high school Mike stopped drumming for about 25 years but missed it and decided to play again 6 years ago. A humble player, Mike gives thanks to Rock Camp for Dads for the opportunity to play again and meet some great people along the way. 

 “Never dreamt I’d be playing drums now and actually with a great group of guys and gals rocking Motley Crue!”

(Editorial: For those of you who don't know Mike personally, he's not a man of many words (but word on the street is he can sure bring the action! Woo!), so the following responses may have some minor additions for effect.) 

Mike's Fave Crüe Song: 
Wild Side 
*Classic Crüe 

Favorite song to perform: 
Wild Side 
*I see a recurring theme here, and it's no wonder this is the Magic Man's fave. With all of those cymbal grabs and tempo changes, Mike really gets to show off his stuff and shine. (Make sure you take a look at that stuff at our next show!) 

Fave Mötel Sixx moment: 
Mike sez, "Not so much 1 moment for me. It's awesome to look around as we play and watch everyone cut loose, have fun and smile while rocking MFC!!" 

See, not only does he have great timing, he's also great with this hands (and feet) and is a giver - just sitting back and enjoying everyone else's pleasure. 

Also, for the uninitiated, MFC = Mötley Fu#%ing Crüe